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A Word About Training:

W. Edwards Deming often said, “Quality begins with education and ends with education.” At Woodside, we feel that our greatest contribution to your enterprise will come through consulting—working hand-in-hand with you to innovate and improve your core business processes, through Six Sigma, Lean, Statistical Process Control and other Quality methodologies. Training and educating your executives, managers and improvement team leaders in new methodologies is an important step in this approach.

Although we have some courseware ready to go “off-the-shelf,” we specialize in customized training. We can readily adapt our materials to use your company logo, cover sheets, etc. Additionally, we can tailor training to any special needs you might have. We have an extensive library of manufacturing, service and transactional examples and modules and can work with you to include data sets and examples from your organization into your course manuals and classroom presentations. Let us work with you to produce relevant and effective courseware.

Six Sigma and other Quality Services

Six Sigma

Six Sigma has been one of the most widely used and accepted enterprise improvement initiatives for a number of years now. Woodside has refined the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) model to provide in-depth iterative learning throughout an improvement project. This model ensures that:


Lean Manufacturing” has become the generally-used term for the “Toyota Production System,” an approach to daily management of processes that seeks to reduce all waste in processes and constantly strive for perfection. When integrated with Six Sigma, it becomes extraordinarily powerful as a method for maximizing value and reducing costs.

Strategic Planning

Many organizations have strategic plans; few are able to fully realize the potential of those plans. Woodside can help develop your next Strategic Plan, and can help set up linked metrics to help genuinely quantify and track progress toward the goals and objectives in the plan. These metrics, when used well, will inform the rational selection of a portfolio of initiatives and projects that derive from gap analysis. In addition, the metrics provide an outstanding aid in project portfolio and resource management. As an additional alternative, Woodside’s strategic alliance partners offer the ADAMS process for Strategy Management, strongly linked with Woodside Lean and Six Sigma.

Other Quality-Related Services

Woodside has a broad selection of other Continuous Improvement and Process Management training and consulting. See the list of miscellaneous courses for more details.