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Woodside Quality Solutions is proud to have close relationships with some other consulting groups and companies who provide us with "bench strength" for some engagements, complement our services with outstanding training and consulting of their own, and provide tools and software to round out our offerings.

Logo for SPC Press, Inc.SPC Press, Inc.

This is the website for Donald J. Wheeler, author of "Understanding Variation" and 23 other books.  Dr. Wheeler is a leading teacher and consultant in Data Analysis and SPC techniques.  His seminar, Practical Data Analysis, has been judged to be an invaluable resource for statistical training for Six Sigma practitioners.  The website provides information about all his books and seminars.  It also contains a library of excellent articles written by Dr. Wheeler and other Quality authors.

Process Management LogoProcess Management LLC

To get the best and lasting results, our experience proves a systems approach to performance improvement is key. 

Starting with a strategic planning process that explores, in detail, those things that can affect the organization in the near future followed by a self-assessment to identify areas to be addressed, a prioritized portfolio of projects is developed. 

Whether Six Sigma, Lean, PDCA, or other approach is the best solution, specific training for that project team is provided with coaching for best results.  Meanwhile, a study of the American and Japanese Quality Masters helps define a set of Operating Principles to govern the behavior of personnel of the organization. 

This three pronged approach – strategy, process improvement/innovation, and behavior does indeed result in optimized and sustained performance improvement.

Logo for Minitab corporation


Minitab® is a leading provider of statistical analysis software. It offers a comprehensive, powerful and easily-navigates set of tools for analysis of data in any quality improvement project. The format is intuitive and easy to teach, and Minitab offers a wealth of onboard and online analysis support in the form of tutorials, the Stat Guide™ online statistics text, direct links to the Minitab Answers Knowledgebase™ and one of the most intuitive help files available anywhere.

Management, Science and Innovation, Inc. 

MSI has transformed the performance of major commercial and Government organizations in more than ten years of experience leading change.  They have developed proven methods based upon the best practices in Change Management, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, and Continuous Process Improvement.  MSI's highly experienced staff, combined with their proven methods and the MSI Business Transformation Toolkit, are at the ready to help your organization realize the highest level of performance.