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Favorite Quality- and Stats-Related Sites

Quality Digest - One of the primary magazines about quality, entirely online now.

IQSixSigma.com - the Six Sigma e-zine of the International Quality and Productivity Council.

W. Edwards Deming Institute - founded by Deming, to foster understanding of the Deming System of Profound Knowledge.

Curious Cat Blog - John Hunter's long-running Deming-based quality blog.

Cut-the-Knot - a math site with some really cool interactive math puzzles. Lots of great stats and probability puzzles including the Monty Hall Dilemma and Bertrand's needle

ASQ - the homepage for the American Society for Quality

iSixSigma - the homepage for the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals. Articles, links, info, process sigma calculator

Innumeracy - articles and information about the problem of innumeracy

Ted Talks - If you haven't seen these, beware! They're addictive!

p-value Calculator - the page of Calcs.com that returns p-values for the values of various test statistics.

Martin Tallstrom - a pretty incredible acoustic guitarist...a friend sent me a link, and it may have nothing to do with quality, but it is some quality music!

Random.org - a site with lots of fun random generators and information about randomness.

ISSISSIPPI.org - You have to see it to believe it. Quality and Six Sigma insiders only!