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Statistical Thinking for Leaders

A one-day dive into statistical thinking, aimed at helping executives, managers, and supervisors understand the power of data-based management. Gain insights into your business and process performance drivers, dramatically increase the accuracy of your forecasts, and make better decisions than ever before to drive results that are, well, exceptional! This is knowledge for leaders; knowledge that will make your organization more competitive, more efficient and effective. The course is for leaders at any enterprise; for Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma companies, it will help champions and process owners better understand data tools and concepts.

Change Leadership

Leaders at any enterprise working to deploy strategic improvement initiatives such as Lean, Six Sigma, or Business Process Improvement need to understand that it will involve organizational change, at all levels—technical, cultural and political. Failure to embrace change, and to vigorously and unrelentingly lead change, is the number one predictor of failure for your initiatives. This workshop reviews the proven concepts in change leadership and management, and offers strategies and tools for getting started, dealing with resistance, and sustaining change in your enterprise.

Data Analysis with Minitab®

This three- or four-day course is a basic-intermediate level workshop, intended to review statistical concepts and introduce/review many of the tools used in analyzing business processes. Although any business or process analyst or quality engineer will benefit from this class, it is also a good refresher for Six Sigma Black Belts or supplementary training for Green Belts. We will explore the underlying concepts that drive the tools, and get hands-on practice with Statistical Process Control, Capability, Hypothesis Tests, ANOVA, Correlation and Regression, Measurement Systems Analysis and basic DOE (Design of Experiments). The four-day version goes into more depth on several tools, and includes non-parametric techniques.

Statistics "Boot Camp"

This five-day class was originally designed to help Black Belts—trained exclusively in statistical tools using Minitab or other software – learn some of the math “under the hood” and develop answers using a basic two-statistic scientific calculator. It serves as a good in-depth stats review, and is especially valuable for anyone planning to take the ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt or Certified Quality Engineer exam.

Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

A four-day workshop that will walk teams through development of the QFD matrices, including the use of Kano modeling and surveying for tapping the “unarticulated” voice of the customer. QFD aligns your system of production to provide visibility into the heart of the customer throughout the value chain.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

This course can be delivered in two basic “flavors:” manufacturing and transactional. Many manufacturers understand the need for SPC; those managing business or service processes can gain benefits at least as great from this powerful management toolset.